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“Minty” Clean Closings

mint_titleMake Sure the Closing is “Minty” Clean

Closings are a little intimidating. What can go wrong? Do we have all our ducks in a row? Will the deal fall through? These are worries R3 clients need not have, because we partner with Mint Title, located right here in Austin.

Mint Title protects clients from being in danger of losing their investment in real estate due to issues with the title. They ensure that clients are safe and represented for in their title ownership. They conduct a title search to best know the condition and quality of the title being purchased, and make sure it’s a safe investment. Then, with their title insurance, Mint Title protects clients against mistakes or threats that otherwise might result in a financial loss, at no extra cost.

We want all our clients’ closings to be super smooth, and that why we recommend our super partner, Mint Title!

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